Wednesday, December 18, 2013

My respect for the Robertson family

I love the Duck Dynasty family. I think they are awesome in both their show and daily life. Their story is an awesome one if you haven't heard it before. They have done the 'I Am Second' campaign that Blaze and I watched online one day. That family is all about God and living their life for Him. They truly are role models for living a christian lifestyle. 

Well I read an article today that was on the front yahoo page about how they are 'under fire' because of comments that Phil Robertson made during an interview to GQ magazine. Everyone that has watched their show knows they stick to their beliefs and won't stray away from them. They stand up for what they believe in and I am glad that someone out there isn't afraid to. During his interview, he made a comment saying that when everything is blurred on what's right and what's wrong, sin becomes fine. Well he expanded on that (I'm assuming they asked what he meant further) and he brought up homosexual behaviors, adulterers, prostitutes, etc. but he went further into homosexuality quoting a powerful Bible verse that covers that topic and gave his own opinion. Well now the GLAAD attacked in full force back stating that Phil Robertson is pushing 'extreme stereotypes' on A&E and his sponsors and that he has disrespect for the gays.

First off, lets just think about this for a second. Not too long ago, I remember reading about how people wanted A&E to take Duck Dynasty off air unless they were willing to stop talking about their faith and God, which the Robertson family said they will not stop talking about those two things because that is who they are. Well they are still on air. Secondly, since when is it not okay for someone to give their own personal opinion on a topic? I know that is a touchy topic because people get so offended, but he was asked a question in an interview and just responded with his personal feelings. Why is he the bad guy? Because a part of our society is sensitive? Just because someone doesn't agree with you it's not okay to say anything now? You should be proud of him, that in a society that has turned into what it currently is, that he has the courage to stand up for what he does believe in so passionately. The thing that I don't understand about some discriminated groups of people, is that over the years people fought for equality and the right to not be discriminated against. When the equality is won that was fought for, they now discriminate against those who don't agree with their beliefs? It just doesn't makes sense, you can't force your ways on everyone. There are still people who don't agree with blacks being equal, there are still people who think woman belong in the home and shouldn't be allowed to go to college or work in the same profession as men, (I personally believe those are way more important issues that we should be worried about) people are going to believe whatever they choose whether you believe in the same thing or not... why can't we all just let others have their opinion and that's it? Just take your beliefs and stick to them.. Don't get offended when/if people don't agree with you, that's what makes this country awesome--that we can all have our own thoughts and beliefs. 

Sorry if you don't agree with what I'm writing, but once again, the great thing about America is that I can express my own opinions and I full back the Robertson's beliefs because that's exactly how I was raised. I don't and won't ever judge anyone on the relationship decisions that they make in their personal lives. That's not my place, that's His place. I'm just living my life based on the faith that the Bible is correct and that I should live my life the way it tells in it--which is what Mr. Robertson quoted. And now as a fellow Louisianan, I will be the few, according to the GLAAD, that doesn't agree with homosexuality-- if you don't like, I'm not sorry. But I would still love you and treat you with respect-'love the sinner hate the sin' is what I always tell myself. 

I just wish there were more influential figures that would express their true beliefs and feelings like the Robertson family does. 

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