Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Dress Shopping

Got to thinking about dress shopping since we are going in a couple weeks. I really really like the lace dress idea with boots! I think that would be super cute for our wedding. Our wedding is going to be rustic themed with all of the guys wearing cowboy boots and I am having all of my girls wear them too! I want to do a short dress for sure, just not positive on what color or style though. I really like some chiffon dresses as well as the lace dresses. Lace dresses seem harder to find though I have noticed! If any of yall have tips on where to look, PLEASE let me know!! I am really leaning towards turquoise--like a pastel version. The more I see purple, I really like that too (which is weird because I am not usually a fan of purple at all!!) Then I also like the pastel pink just because it will be summer time! If I get brave enough to do it, I have been thinking about having the girls wear different colors but have the same dress. Who knows. I do know that they will have white bouquets since it is simple and classy and it goes with everything!! But I guess we will see December 27 what dress idea I go with!!

I found some dresses (without looking at the prices first) of different dress ideas that I really like. I ranked them in order of my favorites!! What do you think??

bridesmaid lace dresses

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