Tuesday, December 3, 2013

My Favorite Engagement Pictures

With our engagement photos being less than a month away… I decided to look for some engagement pictures that are my favorites!! I don’t know why but I love looking on Pinterest for cute engagement picture ideas or ideas for outfits!! I guess it is an easy way of shopping instead of me trying to come up with different ideas in my head on my own. We are thinking that we will try to do 3 different outfits for our session. We are doing them in the stockyards, which is where our reception will be held, so it will be neat!  I’ve seen pictures of people that did engagements down there and they are so so pretty!! I’m hoping that the stockyards area will have a bunch of Christmas lights everywhere (since we are taking our pictures after Christmas) and we can do our pictures at a time where it is light out at first but gets dark so we can see all of the lights!

So I am completely in love with winter engagement photos!! I’m talking about the ones with lots of snow in them!! I’m so jealous of those people who A. live where it snows and B. get to take engagement photos in the actual snow!! It just makes for gorgeous pictures!! I found a few of my favorites to show y’all what I would do IF I lived somewhere where is actually snowed!

Ahhh so pretty, I know! But since we now live in Louisiana but are taking our pictures in good ol Fort Worth Texas… I figured I should look to see what kinds of pictures were out there of actual stockyard engagement sessions!! I actually found some cute ones. I didn’t come across any winter/Christmas time sessions though so I guess I will just have to imagine what it would look like with Christmas lights strung out everywhere!! Take a look!!

Thankfully it will be cold outside (if the temperature is normal). I can at least get cute cold weather outfits to wear and I love scarves! That is like my new thing and I follow someone on Instagram (cant think of their name right now) but they have the CUTEST scarves for sale!!

Well I hope y’all have a great night... it is legs day for Blaze and me at the gym tonight!! We have less than 8 months until the wedding! Gotta start now since the holidays tend to bring out the bad eating!! J


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