Thursday, December 12, 2013

TV Shows

So I read this morning that the new bachelor picks Nikki Ferrell and doesn’t propose! Look at that, I just saved you four long & painful months of watching that show :) I just want to say that I really dislike that show and the bachelorette. When you take a step back and really think about the show, the only thing that is probably real, is the drama. They film that show over about a month’s time span… how can ANYONE really fall ‘in love’ with a guy/girl over a month? A month that this guy who you ‘are in love with’ is making out and hooking up with 25 other girls. I don’t understand how that show ever got started. I think I read that out of the many many seasons they have had, there are like 3 couples who have actually got married. One of them, he didn’t even choose in the end, he went with someone else, proposed, then broke up with her on national TV & THEN chose one of the other girls. I get that girls love to watch it for the drama, or the fantasies that they have about the bachelor of the season, but come on ladies… we all know they go on that show to get famous. Well that’s what I believe anyways... 

I would rather spend my time watching other TV shows like Revenge or American Horror Story. Both are so good by the way… If you haven’t seen them, you need to!! They have all of the seasons on Netflix and I have watched both!! I’m excited to have some time off during the holidays here soon where I can just sit on my butt and watch Netflix shows J Yes, that is what I like to do in my down time!! Lately, Blaze and I have been watching Dexter… I have already seen the whole show but that is definitely a show I am willing to re-watch!! I was sad when it ended!!

Alright well that’s all that I have today! If I find any other spoilers, I will definitely let yall know!!


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