Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Christmas Time

That's right!!! You can try to take Christ out of CHRISTmas, but at the end of the day, Jesus really is the reason for the season!!!!

Christmas is slowly approaching and I’m getting excited. I was thinking about Christmas the other day, and I feel as though people slowly are forgetting what this time is really supposed to be about. Everyone gets so caught up in the gifts and buying people the perfect Christmas present, when we already have been given the perfect present, Jesus. People and our society have put so much pressure on gifts and objects that it seems as though the original reason we even celebrate Christmas gets hidden under all of that nonsense.

Growing up, I always looked forward to Christmas. Every year we had a Christmas Eve service at church. The church was decorated so pretty inside and you walked in and the lights were dimmed and everyone grabbed a candle. The whole church would get in one big circle and start lighting the candles one by one and as we were doing that, we would sing Christmas songs. It was so pretty to watch and be a part of. Some years, they would do Christmas skits on the story of Jesus’ birth and they were always cute (I think I was in it one year). Christmas day was always such a joy to me because we would wake up and go to my grandparents’ house where I got to see my entire family, we would eat, watch the cowboys’ game & just spend time together. Yes, there were presents but as I got older, I didn’t care as much what I got, I just looked forward to being with my family!

It’s a shame that the real reason for celebrating Christmas gets buried by all of the nonsense that goes on in this world today. Even the president has changed the saying of ‘Christmas trees’ to ‘holiday trees’… that’s just too much. It is a Christmas tree and always will be. The best gift anyone could receive on Christmas is the gift of Jesus and knowing what all he has done for us. It should be a celebration of his birth and how grateful we should be for that. I know in my family, Blaze and I will forever be eternally grateful, it is the best Christmas present we will ever receive.

This year, I would just hope that you all take a step back and truly remember what you should be celebrating and what you should be thankful for. Don’t get mad at someone because they didn’t buy you exactly what you wanted. Just be grateful that they got you anything at all because they didn’t have to. I hope you all celebrate the life of Jesus and what the significance of His birth really means. You could have the best gift of your life, eternal life with Him.

Luke 2:9-14

 God Bless

Keep Calm Christmas Is Coming. #PANDORAloves

(ps.... i LOVE looking at pictures of snow. I wish we lived somewhere that gets snow all the time. SO PRETTY)
And for just ONE second, I love winter.Downtown Traverse City in Michigan @ decorating-by-daydecorating-by-day

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