Friday, December 6, 2013


One// Only 19 days until CHRISTMAS!!! I am excited—it’s my favorite time of the year! Christmas is a little more stressful this year because having 4 Christmas’ and trying to make all of them is tough!! But I love Christmas day food at my grandparents’ house (that is what I am secretly looking forward to)

Two// We are looking at new cars to get by New Year’s Eve. It is tough because there are so many cute SUVs out there now a days! We are leaning towards the GMC Terrain! I think it is super cute! I just hate giving up my super cheap monthly car payment!! But I am planning on keeping this car for a long while (According to Blaze)

Three// 3 weeks from today, I will get to see most of my bridesmaids because we are going dress shopping!! (For them) I haven’t seen some of them in so so long! It will be fun to get all of them together at once. It might get a little crazy, but I am praying that we can find their dresses in one try!!

Four// We are less than 8 months away from the wedding finally!! I try not to keep count on days but I randomly check my wedding countdown app and saw that we are getting closer!! Woohoo! The planning begins over Christmas break!!

Five// I am super jealous of everyone in the DFW area right now. If we were back home, I would definitely not go to work and had a snow day!! The VP from our Dallas office has been working here all week and got stuck here because of the snow, SUPER jealous of you people.. its 72 degrees here right now!!

Hope yall have a great and safe weekend!


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