Monday, December 9, 2013

Weekend Update

So this past weekend was pretty low key for once!! It was kind of nice for a change since we have been busy busy lately. Friday night, Blaze had some baseball stuff to do so I went to dinner with the other baseball coach's wives!! We went to this little Mexican food place that I had never heard of! It was good to finally get some girl time! Saturday, I finally got to sleep in past 7!! It was very much needed!! Lots of good football games were on but of course, Blaze can't just relax on a weekend so we drove out to New Orleans to go to the gun show. Let's just say, Louisiana gun shows are so so tiny compared to a Texas. Usually it takes forever to walk through a gun show because there are so many people but this one took us maybe 45 mins? Blaze did get some goodies though! On our way home, Blaze just had to stop for some froyo!! (He's addicted) but we eventually got home and did some major cleaning!! Very nice to have a clean home!! Sunday, we went to church and then ran some errands trying to figure out what we are going to get people for Christmas!! It's so crazy that Christmas is only 16 days away!! And we will be home in 13 days for two whole weeks!! But anyways, we just lounged around the house and then worked out last night!! Luckily today has gone by a little faster than normal Mondays!! I hope y'all all had a great & safe weekend!! 


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