Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Wedding Wednesday


So my wonderful best friend and maid of honor has been busy planning the bachelorette party!! I hope July hurries up and gets here already!!! We will be going to Austin, TX and the plan is to get a condo so we can all be together!! Some of us (that can take Friday off work) are going down early. We are thinking of doing a half day wine tour to start things! Then wait for the other girls to get there that night. Just lay low that first night and let them all get to know each other (most of them know each other but there are a few that don't). Then Saturday, we are going to do one of those pole workout/dancing private classes!! It will definitely take everyone out of their comfort zone which is what I want (me included)! Probably go out to a nicer dinner and then out for the night!! Im super excited to have all of my best friends together for a whole weekend!! WOOHOO!

Here are some cute pictures that I found on pinterest!

Brides Mates with Anchor for Bridal or Bachelorette Party Flowy Tank Tops great for Bridal or Bachelorette Parties sur Etsy, $21.21 CADThis chick throws a "Trophy Husband" Party for her hubby every year, for his bday, and invites his buddies and their wives. She's got some cute + funny details, like this cake topper. HahaI like the look of this sash for Jenn!  This is still fun, but is a little less in-your-face than the typical bright white satin "Bachelorette" sash.Bachelorette party
Before and After Bachelorette Party PicturesBachelorette Party Panty Game.  Each person brings a pair of panties and a note for the bride, the bride gets to guess who they are from and she gets new panties!!Bride's Drinking Team Bachelorette Party Cups Set by Celebr8tions

Love Always Nancy J

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