Friday, February 28, 2014

Five on Friday

One// Blaze will be gone Sunday-Monday for baseball!! Their first out of town weekend of the baseball season! Hmm.. what to do this weekend!

Two// The weather here has been crazy… it was 75 degrees Wednesday and it was in the 40’s yesterday at the baseball game. I am SO ready for summer weather, my tan, going to the pool, etc. So many fun things to look forward to this summer too!!

Three// Scandal started last night!! Being excited is an over statement for sure. If you haven't watched that show, START!! Such a good show!

Four// I LOVE this song right now. So catchy and cute!

> Five// I painted my first painting last weekend!! I didn't think it would turn out good at all but it was actually pretty!! I am going to try again this weekend.. I found these on pinterest.. SUPER cute!!
 1). Get a blank canvas  2). Get paint/colors that match the color scheme of your desire room  3). Go crazy.  4). Hang it up!    Love this idea! You could have one for every room if you wanted, maybe even use old objects/furniture instead of a blank canvas!Made these crosses for Christmas presents this year.  DIY cross on canvas: Paint background any color and use jute to make the crosscolor inspiration for crayon art- melt pinks/reds going one direction and golds/browns going the other direction


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