Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Beauty Favorites

Here are 7 of my FAVORITE beauty items that I would definitely recommend! (most of these are great and they aren't too expensive!)


Makeup by aschleif featuring Sephora Collection

1) Loreal Sublime Bronze I LOVE this self tanning lotion! It is a gradual tanner and works amazing!

2) Sephora Concealer This is my favorite concealer to use!! Not too expensive and blends very well when you have that day you need to cover something up!!

3) bareMinerals Starter kit If you are one of those that isnt sure about bareMinerals, I would highly recommend it!! Very light and it feels like you are wearing nothing!! Amazing!

4) Fit Me Blush This is a cheaper blush but it is the only that I will use! Very pretty shades of pink!!

5) e.l.f eyeshadow palette I love this eyeshadow palette! They have the prettiest eyeshadows for a very reasonable price!! There are different color combos available.  

6) Sephora Lasting Line Eyeliner is something that I always have handy!! Easy to use and doesn't smudge!

7) Sephora Mascara is waterproof and makes my eyelashes look great!! Makes them look very long and like they actually have volume!!

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