Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Weekend Update!

So I look like I disappeared the past few days!! Well to catch up with yall, Thursday was my Friday of the work week! After I got off Thursday, Janelle and I packed up and drove to Houston! It was the easiest drive ever!! We stopped in Lafayette and ate at ZoĆ«’s Kitchen and then got some coffee. It was a good drive though! Friday we went shopping and around Houston, the weather was amazing!! It was nice to have good shopping and food again. That night, the guys had a game so we went to that (unfortunately they lost). Saturday was filled with more shopping and walking around. It was so warm in Houston this weekend…it makes me excited for summer! Then the guys had another game that night. Sunday the game was earlier which was nice because it was kind of sunny out! We went to eat afterwards before we got back on the road! Yesterday (Monday), I was lucky enough to have the day off for president’s day!! I was hoping to spend the day cleaning the house because it is a disaster… buuut that didn’t happen. I FINALLY got my hair done and then had to run an errand for the coaches, and I DID get my homework done on time!!

It was neat to go back to Texas for the weekend because it feels like it has been forever (even though it’s only been since Christmas). I won’t be going back home for a while until this summer unfortunately! BUT Baseball Season is here so that means spring/summer is coming!! I really hope they do well this season!! They play again tonight and then Thursday-Sunday!

AND my birthday is next Monday.. the big 24!! I am so not excited… 

1. Kelli and I went to dinner after the game friday night (which was valentines day) and they were having a speed dating event haha
2. the game Friday night!! 
3. The game Sunday (That is Blaze walking in the picture)
4. Janelle, Kelli and I Friday night.
5. Saturday night's game!
6. Another 'L' mug that I found at Anthropologie

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