Thursday, February 13, 2014

Today is my Friday

So Janelle and I are headed to Houston tonight after I get off work for the weekend! (Janelle is the head coach’s wife). Since we are leaving, I had to find a place to board the dogs for the weekend… which I didn’t think would be a big deal for me since we have left them before. Well, I went home at lunch to get Kimber and Cali to take them to the boarding place and I swear that I almost cried when I got back into my car. I felt so bad leaving them with strangers… they have only ever stayed with Blaze’s sister… never strangers. I just hope that they are okay but at least they are together. As yall know, Blaze and I don’t have actual babies… but to us, those animals are our babies!! You animal moms out there can relate to me I’m sure! So sad...

Well on a brighter note, I just checked the weather for Houston this weekend and it is supposed to be VERY nice. Our recent weather has been super cold lately so I’m excited for 70’s weather!! That makes the perfect baseball watching weather!! I know the coaches are super pumped and nervous for this weekend. Blaze and the other coaches have been working their butts off with these guys (who have also been working hard). It will be fun to finally start watching them play and WIN!!

Anyone have any fun plans this weekend??

Be safe out there (those on the east coast in all of this snow)


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