Friday, February 21, 2014


One// Thank goodness it is FINALLY Friday! I had Monday off, which I love, but I feel like 4 day work weeks can feel even longer than regular work weeks!!

Two// So Mardi Gras is officially starting down here in southern Louisiana. On the way to work this morning, I passed several party buses and they were drinking… and by the way, it was 8:45AM!!! These people are crazy haha. Mardi Gras is like a national holiday down here. Our office is closed for it, the schools have 3 days off… crazy I know.

Three// This weekend will be full of cleaning and baseball. We haven’t had a lot of time on the weekends in the past few weeks. We were in Houston last weekend and so the house got even messier!! I will definitely be cleaning like crazy tomorrow. The guys have a tournament going on so I will be watching baseball games at night!

Four// My birthday is Monday and I have told Blaze several times to NOT do anything for me. He does so much all the time so I told him I didn’t need or want anything. Well I know he won’t listen (and he will read this)… so I think he said we are doing something Sunday for it.

Five// I finally got my hair done Monday. I haven’t found a salon out here since we moved (we moved here back in August). She was amazing!! Any tips on how to get your hair to grow?? I am taking vitamins to help!! 


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