Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Morning Rambles

So I LOVE Christmas time... It is definitely my favorite time of year. We don’t have a Christmas tree yet and I’ve been trying to find one that won’t cost us a fortune!! I've actually found some good deals—Target has trees for $50 (if you want to string lights yourself) or if you want a pre-lit tree, they have one for $100!! So cheap... especially when you look at Hobby Lobby and their trees are at minimum $250!! As long as you have a decent looking tree, you can make it pretty with the decorations!! Don’t get me wrong, I would love to get one of those Christmas trees that are super fluffy and 9 ft. tall... but that would cost me probably around $1500!! I remember last year, my step-mom got the BEST deal on a tree. I think it was regularly priced around $800 but since the warranty had expired on the lights, they marked it down to like $200 (if that). It was awesome!! Then we spent more on decorations!! 

I found some of my favorite Christmas trees online (some aren’t traditional).

I also love Christmas time because of the food!! My family always brings the same dishes... I love looking forward to Christmas lunch!! Yum. As we are all getting older in my family, we are almost to that point where we won’t get together with my cousins and everyone. So I guess I need to get their recipes so I can make them!! Getting the whole family together has always been one of my favorite times of the year though. It’s fun to see everyone and see how their kids have grown so much!! There are so many kids now its nuts!!

I’ll just say... there are 43 more days until Christmas though!! WOOHOO!! I’m excited to get a break from Louisiana and get back to Texas with our families!

Have a great Tuesday!!


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