Tuesday, November 26, 2013

My Favorite Thanksgiving Dishes

Since Thanksgiving is only two days away.. I have been thinking about all of my favorite dishes that I look forward to every year! I love that my family usually has the same dishes every year.. sometimes there are new dishes that someone gets brave to try and make!! I'm not very brave when it comes to trying new food/dishes though. I usually stick with what I like and don't branch out!! I know, weird!! 

So of course the main thing that I love about Thanksgiving is the TURKEY!! I only eat the white meat of turkey--I think it's the best! I like the traditional turkey recipe!

Then there is the Corn Casserole. I love cheesy corn casserole!! I have even tried a recipe with chopped jalapenos in there.. so so good!

Everyone LOVES good ol Mashed Potatoes!! I really like when there is some garlic added in there!! Gives it an extra touch of goodness!! Yum
Perfect Mashed Potatoes Recipes......

This next one actually isn't a dish that I like... Blaze loves Sweet Potato Casserole so I figured that I would put this on here for him!! I have never tried it actually.. but maybe I'll give it a try this year since I have to make it JUST for him! haha
Thanksgiving Dinner Side Dishes: Sweet Potato Casserole Recipes

Traditional Stuffing is so so so good!! I can't eat very much of this though because it makes me full fast, probably because of the bread! I guess that's why they call it STUFFING haha 

This is the dish that I love to make every year. It is super easy and fast! There isn't much to this one, so I think it is a great dish for those people who can't cook very well! Green Bean Casserole is definitely one of my favorites.
Green Bean Casserole

Deviled Eggs are also a really easy and quick recipe for those who don't have much time or aren't the best at cooking yet!! I could literally eat a dozen of these if I would let myself! YUM!

This is my most favorite out of all of it.. I know, I'm crazy.. but I love Crescent Rolls!! These don't need a recipe link because they are super easy!

On to the desserts, Pecan Pie is so good and if you don't eat this or like it, you are missing out!! I really like the crust of pies.. I know, weird!

And lastly, my mom makes these every year, Pumpkin Cookies!! I dont really like pumpkin pie, but I do like pumpkin cookies!! If you haven't had them, try them!!

Hopefully you all like my favorite dishes!! What are yall's favorite dishes?

Have a great day!!


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