Sunday, November 3, 2013

Weekend Update

So this weekend went by WAY too fast once again.. but it's okay because it was a good one!

Friday night Blaze had to work late so I went to the store, got me a new bottle of wine and some dinner! I had a night to myself at the house with the dogs and chloe! He got home and I had already passed out... last week wore me out at work!!   Saturday we went north of Baton Rouge for a baseball camp that he had to work! I've never been through Baton Rouge so it was neat finally seeing it! I attempted to go shopping but typical me, I didn't like anything that I tried on.. Fail on my part. We gained an extra hour last night but that didn't stop us from the dogs waking us up at 6:45!! We got alot of cleaning done and then I went to watch their scrimmage. Who knew that you could get sunburned in NOVEMBER!!??? Well this girl definitely got some sun.

I am super excited about the next few weeks. My two best friends, Lauren and Courtney, are flying
down to see me Friday!! Sadly though, Blaze will be out of town again!! But it's okay, we are going to have plenty of time for wedding talk, drinks, and catching up!!

Blaze called me Friday at work and said we are going to the A&M vs LSU football game the weekend before Thanksgiving! I am super excited.. I miss college football games! This will be the one and only time that I will actually wear maroon. I figure I need to support a Texas team and I hate LSU very much!! So it'll be fun.. we've heard that LSU/Baton Rouge gets crazy on game days!!

Then of course, there is Thanksgiving in a few weeks!! It will be fun to see everyone!! I can't believe that I haven't seen anyone in this long! We have already been here for 3 months!! Crazy how time flies!! 

But since it is November and Thanksgiving month.. I want to write about something that I am thankful for in each post! 

I am very very thankful for Blaze. He is my rock and my world. It's crazy how much he cares about me and our relationship. God is absolutely amazing and I will never be able to thank him enough for putting such a Godly, loving, caring, nurturing man in my life. Growing up you always hear about how God has already made a man specifically for you and you dream about meeting him, whoever he may be, when you're older.. well Blaze is definitely everything and more of anything that I have ever prayed and dreamed about!! Blaze, I know you are reading this so just know that I love you and I'm so glad that I get to spend forever with you.. on earth and in heaven!! :)

Hope yall all had a great weekend!!


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