Sunday, November 17, 2013

So many ideas!!

Hope yall all had a great weekend!! I know that I did!! 

Friday we had a date night! We went to the best pizza place.. it took a little bit to get our food but it was definitely worth it!! Saturday was Blaze's last game of the fall, which went really well. We went to about 10-15 mins of the football game then went a did a little shopping and got dinner!! Today he had to go to New Orleans to go work a camp! But I'm so thankful for getting to spend all weekend together for once!! Blaze works so hard for our family and I am super grateful for everything that he does!! Without him, I would definitely be a train wreck lately!! He is definitely the rock that I need and I am so very very blessed that God has brought us together!! :) He treats me like a princess and goes above and beyond to make me happy! Such a sweet hubs-to-be!! :)

On another note-- 

I have also been looking for ideas of center pieces for the reception!! I have found so many cute ideas that I don't know how I am supposed to choose!! Ahhh.. too many decisions. I am excited to get started on planning over
the holidays!
We are going with a rustic theme, everyone is wearing cowboy boots (yes including me). Here are some of my favorites so far!!

These next ones have some centerpieces with table numbers included!! I love the wooden table numbers!! I also am in LOVE with the baby's breath!! I think that is what i want to do for the flowers since I dont really want any flowers!! Except the sunflowers are pretty!!

What do yall think?? Any ideas??

Have a great Sunday night!! 


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