Friday, November 15, 2013

Friday Five

One// 13 days until my favorite holiday!! Food galore... we get three different Thanksgiving’s this year! My mom and stepdad do their Thanksgiving on Wednesday night, then his family is early Thanksgiving Day for lunch and then my dad and stepmom are doing theirs that night!! I think we might attempt to go Black Friday shopping (I’ve never been) but I’ve seen some good deals on things people won’t be fighting for lol

Two// I think I am obsessed with Kacey Musgraves cd… I have listened to it all week on repeat! And I have her as my Pandora station!! If you haven’t listened to her music, do it!! You’ll fall in love too!

Three// Tonight is date night! I’m excited... because it is much needed as Blaze has been super busy ever since last Friday!! I’m glad he will be getting a break soon so we can actually
spend time together over the holidays and stuff!

Four// The weather here is crazy once again… Tuesday morning it was like 75-80 degrees and then Wednesday was freezing (for Louisiana standards)… I think the high was like 50? If that! Then this morning it is rainy and humid again… and of course I decided to actually straighten my hair for once!!

Five// Trying to think of Christmas presents for Blaze is easy but hard… I don’t want to get him something obvious that he would expect me to get him!! Hmmmm… tricky tricky... any of you ladies—if you have any tips on how to hide stuff from your husbands or fiancés let me know!!

Hope yall all have a great weekend!!


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