Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A day in my life..

Sitting here on this chilly Tuesday morning, doing nothing like usual, I have lots and lots of time to think. Think about wedding stuff, shopping, Christmas, missing texas, how to get a new job, starting my own business, how I miss the cold weather, the football game this Saturday... Need I continue?? Lol most people are excited to start a new job right?? You think you're going into a new, exciting job and you'll be trained for a few weeks to a month until you are finally set free on your own. Well not this girl.. I have been working here for about 6 weeks now and guess how much I've done.. Not really anything. My typical morning includes getting to work around 8:30-8:45.. Checking my personal emails, google chats start with my mom, maybe get on Pinterest or play some candy crush.. Read some articles so I can tell myself I'm keeping up with the worldly news (just in case my dad calls and asks). I mean hey, most of y'all probably are thinking "why are you complaining?? You're getting paid on salary to do that??" Well don't think that.. Fantasizing about homes I'll never have or a wedding that would bankrupt my parents gets old after awhile!! You can only do that for so long until you take a step back and ask yourself what am I doing?? How did I end up here?? No one in life truly prepares
you for some things that you will encounter during your days on this earth.. This is definitely one of them. Most people are busy at work doing what they like, love, or even have to do to put food on the table. No one ever prepared me for this lol working in the real world is supposed to be exciting right?

Well blogging has definitely helped with it all though.. Letting y'all know how exciting my daily life is I know makes y'all's day.. For sure right?? Nahh I didn't think so either. I definitely have come up with a dozen different business ideas though.. Now if I was just brave enough to actually take a step in one of those directions things might actually be exciting down here. Or know someone who would take a chance on a gal like myself to invest in my crazy ideas so they could potentially work out... Man that would be nice!! 

I hope I haven't wasted 10 mins of your life reading this.. Wait, I'll say 5 mins.. I hope I haven't wasted 5 mins of your day!! 

Have a great Tuesday!! Be thankful for everything you have in your life. :)


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