Monday, November 25, 2013

It's only Monday...

It's Thanksgiving week!! I know everyone is excited about that. I'm excited about all of the food we are going to get to eat this week! We get 3 Thanksgivings.. one Wednesday night and then 2 on Thanksgiving day! It shall be a good time!

Hopefully everyone had a great weekend. Ours was very eventful... or at least on Saturday it was. We went to the A&M/LSU game, which I am actually sad that A&M lost.. While watching the game, we didn't ever know what to say because they definitely were not playing like their normal selves. Very frustrating
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And it didn't help that it was freezing and rainy. Super cold, but we definitely had a good time!! Sunday was spent lounging around the house and cleaning!

And now we are here, on this lovely Monday morning...
 i shake my hairbrush at you

Have I said before that I really dislike Monday's? Every Monday when I get up I feel like that little girl haha. Usually, throughout the work days, my mom and I are chatting online all day. Well since she has off all week due to schools being out, I don't know how I am going to keep myself sane for today and tomorrow!! I think lots of coffee and pinterest will help with that! 

We are leaving Wednesday morning around 4-ish so we can get into DFW at a decent time. Traveling with us are two dogs and a cat. It should make for an interesting ride. Cali and Kimber (the dogs) will be in their kennels in the back of Blaze's truck and Chloe (the cat) will be riding up front with us inside the car IN her kennel. It will be funny to watch Chloe ride for 8 hours in a kennel... considering she has been in it twice ever and both times has hated it. She sits inside and moans really loud.  I'm curious to see how Blaze deals with it. We have a bet that she wont be in the kennel very long. 

I am wanting to attempt to actually go Black Friday shopping. I have never ever been because I think it is crazy that people fight over material items. I don't really care about the gifts or how much pressure people put on the gifts you should give people. I would rather just spend time with my family. Christmas to me is not about presents and never has been though. People get mad if you don't get them a 'good enough' gift and it blows my mind. People need to be reminded what Christmas is actually about. Just be grateful that you got anything right?? If I didn't get any gift this year I wouldn't be mad as long as I get to spend some quality time with my family. But hey, to each their own!! 

Hope yall have a WONDERFUL Monday!!


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